Truffle Deviled Eggs, House Smoked Salmon, Crispy Capers   9

Beef Carpaccio, Pommery Lemon aioli, Shallots, Arugula, Crostini   11

Lump Crab Croquette –Jicama Radish Slaw, Green Onion, Balsamic Drizzle 14

Field Greens Salad – White Balsamic, Candied Pecans, Chevre, Poached Pears  7

Iceberg Wedge Salad – Cherry Tomatoes, Lardons, Tabasco Bleu Cheese Dressing  7


Shareable PLATES

House Frites, Comeback Aioli   11

Brussels Sprouts, House Bacon, Apples, Candied Pecans, Brown Sugar Vinaigrette   13

Fried Cauliflower with crispy parmesan and sweet balsamic  9 

Charred Broccolini, preserved lemon and garlic chips  8

Mac N Cheese, Rock Shrimp, Creamy Cotija, Green Onion, Toasted Panko   14

Shrimp & Grits – Smoked Gouda, Stone Ground Grits, Chorizo Pan Gravy, Lardons, Scallions  13

Beef Sliders Pimento Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes, Bread and Butter Pickles, Brioche Bun   13

Gringos Tacos, Fish of the Day, Salsa Fresca, Guacamole, Cotija, Lime   13

Pan Seared Mussels Spicy Dashi Broth, Crispy Rice Vermicelli Noodles   12

Grilled Cheese Dunks, White Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Parmesan, Roasted Tomato Soup   13

Kimchee Smoked Pork Ribs, ½ Rack, Black Soy Reduction  16

Charcuterie   18



Shrimp and Pork Stuffed Quail with a soy caramel glaze  19

Pan Seared Beef Tenderloin & House Frites, Truffle, Parmesan, Spring Mix, Garlic Aioli   23                                                                               Fish of the Day – Crawfish Risotto, Wilted Spinach, Brown Butter Beurre Blanc  21

Lamb Chops –  Sweet Potato Gratin, Broccolini, Demi-glace  24



White Chocolate Mocha Crème Brulee, Shaved white chocolate, cocoa powder  8

Strawberry Cream Cheese Stuffed Crepe, Crème Anglaise  8

Blueberry Bread Pudding, Vanilla Cream, Spiced Walnuts  8

*Items indicated either are or can be made gluten free or vegetarian

Gluten-Free options available.
A %20 gratuity will be added for groups of 8 or larger.
A dessert fee of $2 per person will be applied to all outside deserts.
Consuming raw or under-cooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illnesses.